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Exclusive Aftercare Set

Exclusive Aftercare Set

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Tub Design

This product has been labelled as a Loula's Little Nursery Original because the product has been designed by us and we own all rights and copyright of this product.

Having 4 years of knowledge and experience in the reborn world has its perks! We know what it's like when your silicone gets sticky, dust sticks them and you have no idea how to make them look clean and smooth again!

After receiving a lot of questions about how to care for silicone we decided to bring you our exclusive aftercare set. This set is specifically for silicone animals or dolls after they have been bathed or if they are feeling sticky and need a quick touch up.

The towel is thick, soft and has also been size requested by us to ensure that it is perfect for our silicone animals and other silicone miniatures too! The brush also has our logo engraved on and is the perfect brush for powdering and removing any bits of dust from your silicones. The unique powder tubs each come with baby powder in and are easy to refill once used up but the amount given should last you a long time before you will need to do that.

You can choose from 3 different tubs but will only receive one aftercare set per selection.

Colours may differ slightly from the photos.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Packed With Love
  • Quick Dispatch


Cloth, plastic and acrylic.


Overall brush size approx 10cm
Overall towel size approx 30cm x 20cm
Overall powder tub size approx 5cm

Important Warnings

This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old or anyone known to put things in their mouths due to small parts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Purchased to go with our granddaughters first piglet for her birthday. It has all the bits she will need in a handy pouch, the towel is good quality, the pot is cute and I love the brushes in the container. She will love this, she really likes to take care of her things so this was a must and in my eyes good value for money.

Breanna Denniston (Michigan, United States)
(Michigan) (Muskegon)

Great Product! I would give it a Five rated star. Works good on my Piglet. And it helps get her clean so I can have more fun with her.

Gemma Miles (England, United Kingdom)
Shoutout to Amy!

I originally purchased this as a one-off thing but the seller was so generous and gave me all three pot variants along with the brush set and towel. I also asked for extra towels and even though there was a small fee to pay, I happily agreed because they are super cute, soft and high quality along with their cute little brand details which is what I love the most about most of the products on this store!

Kelly Lopez (Gibraltar)
My little girl absolutely loves it

The powder smells amazing and the brushes are super soft, a great set to have for the care of our little Oreo